San Jose Cooperative

Knowledge and technology transfer from Ajuricaba to San Jose/Uruguay


The San José Condominium is based on the experience of Condomínio de Agroenergia para Agricultura Familiar – Ajuricaba (Ajuricaba Agroenergy Condominium for Family-based Farming).

It is being implemented in the community of Colônia Delta, Uruguay, where dairy farming is economically very significant, despite its high environmental liability due to the related high organic load production. The project proposal is the treatment of effluents in 22 properties; by means of the implantation of plug-flow / ascending flow biodigesters; and the production of biogas.  

It is estimated that the properties generate 46.64 m3 of manure daily and produce 763.81 m³ of biogas per day. The produced biogas will be transported through a low pressure rural pipeline and used for electric energy generation by means of a 75 kVA power generator group, having an expected energy production of 1,527.62 kWh/day.



For further information about the project, access the blog Projeto San José - Uruguai



Location:  Colônia Delta/Uruguay
Beginning of biogas production: Prognosis for the end of first semester of 2015
Activity: Dairy and hog farming
Capacity: 270,000 birds/day
Effluent Output (m³/day): 46.4
Biogas production (m³/day): 763.81
Biogas utilization: Property heating and cooking and electric energy in MCT
Biofertilizer utilization: Yes
Electric energy production (kWh/day): 1,527.62

To be started after project implementation


Project Location Map:

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 Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731
Edifício das Águas - Sala 11
Parque Tecnológico Itaipu
Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná - Brasil


Telefone: +55 45 3576-7166