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Want to know the potential of biogas
of the organic samples generated
for your venture?
Send them to our lab
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Courses and Events

The solution for training your team in biogas is with us

Business modeling

Use the potential of energies
renewable and the various
biogas applications for
develop sustainability
environmental, economic and social,
customized to your business.

Identification of business opportunities and fundraising for investment

 We assist in capturing the best resources for investment in biogas and other renewable energies.

basic plant design

We help you shape solutions
technologies to give
competitiveness to your company
with a focus on renewable energy.

Plant deployment management

Use the different applications of
biogas as a source of reduction of
costs and income diversification,
promoting sustainability
economical for your model

Assisted Plant Operation

Integration of solutions and suppliers, carrying out the commissioning and start-up of your plant. 

System diagnostics and plant performance 

Technical consultancy specialized in the diagnosis and assisted operation of biogas production plants, in order to achieve the performance of the enterprise.

Due Diligence

We analyze performance, regulation and contracts, bringing the risks associated with the demand of your business in biogas and other renewable energies. 

Modeling of the technological route

Expertise in biogas applied to the design and technical specification tailored to your energy demand.