Clients and Cases



UD Itaipu

Idealized from the Project
Mobility to Biomethane and
implemented in 2017, the UD Itaipu
is located in the Itaipu complex
Binacional, in Foz do Iguaçu (…)

Granja San Pedro Colombari

The high production of swine, combined with
to the need for destination
correct of the waste presented
an opportunity to obtain
of biogas and energy generation(…)

Thermoelectric plant of Entre Rios do Oeste

The project, carried out in Entre Rios do
Oeste (PR), was conceived by the
strategic R&D call no.
014/2012 of the National Agency for
Electricity (…)

Bioenergy Center
Toledo – CBT

Developed CIBiogás with the
microgrid of the Technological Park of
Itaipu the project consists of a
Composite Biodigestion System
complete (…)

Biogas and Biomethane in

Market research done by
CIBiogas by order by
FIERO aimed to support
and encourage sustainability in
new businesses in Rondônia (…)

biogas in
Amazon region

The study had as main
purpose of data presentation
to assist in the development
of sustainable actions in
Amazon (…)

R&D Copel

The research had a
mapping the ability to
biogas production in the region
Amazon (...)