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CIBiogás offers customized projects on renewable energy


You are given the opportunity to generate renewable fuel on an industrial scale or even to meet your own demands, from the transformation of agricultural and agribusiness wastes, as well as organic and residual biomass sources. This is the biogas, raw material obtained from the anaerobic decomposition process of organic materials.

In this context, the CIBiogás Market and Business Nucleus works on the prospection and feasibility of new business for the biogas chain, which can be used to generate heat, electricity and vehicle power, besides contributing to the reduction of environmental liabilities and providing social benefits.

Biogas Laboratory

Laboratory tests to determine physical and chemical parameters and specific biochemical methanogenic potential from industrial, domestic and agricultural wastes, and on the biogas quality analysis. Read more.

E-learning Courses

Open and Distance Learning Courses with emphasis on Renewable Energies and Territorial Management. Read more. 

Technical products

Consultancy for the development of feasibility term for technical specification of electricity equipment and projects for productive arrangements and the development of technical and economic feasibility studies. Read more.

Technical visits

Access to Demonstration Units and Biogas Laboratory. Read more.


Technical qualification courses, workshops, lectures and seminars on the theme of renewable energies.


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