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Biogas is a route to decarbonize transport

By |2022-02-09T16:57:53-03:00February 9th, 2022|Blog Post.|

The Ten Year Energy Expansion Plan (PDE) 2031, released this month by the EPE (Energy Research Company), places biogas as a route to decarbonize transport. According to the document, the National Biofuels Policy (RenovaBio) and the Fuel of the Future Program should boost investments and leverage new fuels in the country. The report provides estimates for

The role of digestate in soil recovery and carbon fixation

By |2022-01-25T11:59:31-03:00February 1st, 2022|Uncategorized|

The use of digestate in soil recovery and carbon fixation is a reality that brings good productive and environmental results in Brazil. Produced through anaerobic biodegradation (BioAn) of waste generated in production chains, digestate is a material that can be converted into fertilizers for agricultural use, helping in the regeneration

Biogas and biomethane to power biomass ethanol

By |2022-01-25T11:50:01-03:00January 25th, 2022|Blog Post.|

Did you know that biogas and biomethane can boost the production of ethanol from biomass? Ethanol is one of the biggest bets for more sustainable sources of energy, and Brazil already has a long experience in the implementation of this fuel, having replaced 48% of all gasoline use. When produced from

COP26 – 3 reasons for Brazil to become a biogas powerhouse

By |2022-01-13T14:54:48-03:00December 15th, 2021|Blog Post.|

One of the biggest challenges proposed by COP26 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2021) is the decarbonization and reduction of methane gas emissions in the world. For this, many countries are looking for ways to reduce their ecological impacts on their production chains. One of the options to achieve this goal is

Green hydrogen: What is the perspective of Biogas for its arrival in Brazil?

By |2021-12-09T14:46:42-03:00December 9th, 2021|Blog Post.|

As technology advances and the search for more sustainable resources, green hydrogen begins to land in Brazil as a promising source of renewable energy. But what is Biogas' perspective for this? Here in this text we have separated everything you need to know about the relationship of these two very important resources

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