The International Center on Renewable Energy – Biogás CIBiogás-ER is a science, technology and innovation non profit institution, with administrative and financial autonomy, in accordance to its statute.

CIBiogás comprises 20 institutions that develop and/or support projects related to renewable energies.



Headquarters: Itaipu Technology Park (PTI), Foz do Iguaçu (Paraná-Brazil).
Biogas Laboratory: implemented at CIBiogás headquarters, with the purpose to analyze the biogas production potential from different biomasses (organic material use as energy source).
Eleven National Demonstration Units: producing biogas in small and medium rural properties and cooperatives in the western Paraná, proving the technical viability to produce energies from biogas.



Promote sustainable development of the biogas chain, as well as other renewable energy. 


Consolidate, by 2018, as a national reference on innovative, technological and business solutions for the biogas chain.


Cooperation, Transparency, Commitment, Innovation, Respect and People Empowerment

Western Paraná

CIBiogás is installed in this region, which has its economy focused on agribusiness, and accounts for 26% of total state grain production. The main crops are soybeans, wheat and corn.
The region stands out also in poultry, with slaughter of about eight million chickens per day (30% of national production); and cattle, with a million slaughters per day (25% of national production).
Due to the high volume of agriculture and animal wastes, the region has great potential to develop and apply the biogas technologies.




Strategic Objetives

 To provide support to the development of public policies that regulate and promote the use of biogas in Latin America and the Caribean, besides the development of strategies related to knowledge generation and technology transfer. 
  1. To organize, develop, monitor and provide support to programs, researches and projects to propitiate the feasibility of biogas as na energy generator.
  2. To prospect, organize, execute and monitor technological development and Technology implementation.
  3. To produce, gather and disseminate studies, orientations, information, data, technological and scientific knowledge on renewable energies.
  4. To articulate, support and develop initiatives directed to education envolving all levels of qualification, training, expertise development and technical qualification related to renewable energies, with emphasis on biogas.
  5. To promote the exchange of knowledge and dialogs regarding renewable energies.
  6. To colaborate with public and private sectors in studies and solution development related to the utilization of energy generated with the use of renewable sources.
  7. To contribute with the development, diffusion and implementation of social technologies, with emphasis on those related to biogas.
  8. To promote the articulation of the science and technology sectors with the productive sector for the development of energy solutions, with emphasis on biogas.
  9. To mediate initiatives that stimulate entrepreneurship, the creation of new companies, knowledge and technology transfer and the development of strategic partnerships for the promotion of innovation and the use of new technologies in the Field of renewable energies, with emphasis on biogas.
  10. To prospect infrastructure, businesses, mechanisms and financial resources in favor of the renewable energy field, with emphasis on biogas.
  11. To support and articulate the development and implementation of public policies directed to the utilization of renewable energy sources.
  12. To promote synergy among non-profit organizations, national and international public administration agencies and companies that operate in áreas related to the objectives of CIBiogás-ER.
  13. To organize events, forums, seminars, etc. for the diffusion of renewable energies, with emphasis on biogas.
  14. To provide services directed to areas of operation which can benefit the objectives and activities contained in the Statute of CIBiogás-ER.


 Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731
Edifício das Águas - Sala 11
Parque Tecnológico Itaipu
Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná - Brazil


Telephone: +55 45 3576-7166