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Biogas in my life

"Biogas is like gold for us"

Claudete used to wake up every two hours to check the firewood that warmed 20.000 chicks in her property. With the heat generated with biogas, without interruption, she can sleep all night long now.

Claudete Volkweis, Toledo (PR)

"With the knowledge exchange with CIBiogás, today I feel prepared to replicate the production of biogas in Africa."

Bachir Afonso is a community leader in Pemba (Mozambique) where about 95% of population has no access to energy.

Bachir Afonso, Quirimbas National Park (Moçambique)

"This half a hectare of wood planted here will be my retirement."

Pedro Regelmeier is a rural producer in Paraná and participates of the project on Energy Forests, which encourages wood planting in small areas. He helps to prevent the energy blackout in the state.

Pedro Regelmeier, Agri Energy Cooperative for Family Farming/Ajuricaba - Paraná


countries have attended our e-learning courses on the biogas energies since 2011
biogas production units implemented and monitored by CIBiogás
20.6 MIL
physical, chemical, microbiological biogas production and potential were made at CIBiogás laboratory since 2012
 (m³) of effluents were treated at CIBiogás Demonstration Units per year
of CO² equivalent emissions to the atmosphere were avoided by the Demonstration Units per year
 (m³) is the biogas production potential at the Demonstration Units per year



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